Eleven Pond ~ Bas Relief / LP (1986)

by Eleven Pond



this is the debut album of Eleven Pond, self-released from Rochester NY in 1985 on Game Hen Records.


released October 10, 1986

music: Jeff Gallea / lyrics: James Tabbi + Jeff Gallea / vocals: James Tabbi / bass + synths: Jeff Gallea / electronic drums: Tim Masick / electric guitar: Jack Schaeffer / Synths + samples: Dan Brumley /
vinyl for sale: www.darkentriesrecords.com/store/vinyl/de-001-eleven-pond-bas-relief-lp/#tab-description



all rights reserved


Eleven Pond Los Angeles, California

Eleven Pond formed in 1986, released one postpunk/ synth pop/ darkwave LP titled 'Bas Relief' and recorded songs for a second LP titled 'Assemblage'. The band breaks up in 1987, the masters were shelved. In 2009 the song were rediscovered, DJ's play them, a reissue LP on Dark Entries, the original LP becomes a $900 collectable, invites to perform live... in 2010 Jeff Gallea reforms Eleven Pond ... more

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Track Name: Tear & Cinnamon
You walked into my room,
In a scarlet flair.
Tears dropping off too soon,
Beneath ragweed hair.

And when I looked inside,
All I could see,
Were dark and laughing eyes
Staring back at me.

Tear & Cinnamon,
Cinnamon & Tear.

And behind the rosary
And the torrid face,
Was what I've never seen,
Passion, out of place,

In the Age of Anxiety,
In a time of doubt,
You showed me who I am,
and not just a way out.

Tear & Cinnamon,
Cinnamon & Tear.
Track Name: Watching Trees
I want to be in a tree,
Watching you, watching trees.
Memories of the trees,
Watching you, watching me.

I stand alone in the cold
Of an old, cold train station.
It was cold in the snow.
Wind did blow, all alone.

It's about dreams, this feeling.
Forgotten memories, oh this feeling.

I want to be in a tree,
Watching you, watching trees.
It's a fool who doesn't see,
What I see watching trees.
Track Name: Days Hence
Dive over the brink
For getting you roses.
What should make me think
You would do that because of me?

To water lowlands lay
A fated embrace.
Pulls me underneath
Paradox place.

At whose lonely rage
These currents do sway.
Turning me over.
Facing away.
Track Name: Tightrope
Tightrope calling, madmen falling
How can this be a dream?
Walking upon the water so long
Has made the earth feel clean.
I've met the statues of years,
The poets of fears,
And no one in between.
I've torn emotions asunder to see what's inside,
Was blinded by the scene.

The lion jumps a ring of fire,
At the center ring I walk the wire.

To sleep beneath the broken glass
Is not to make a sound.
To live upon the highway so long
Making way for the burial mounds.
It takes the faith of a sinner,
Who has never known sin,
And need not be profound,
To open doorways to heaven
For those who have questioned
Existence on the ground.

How can one rise from this land
Before their ascension day?
When I've nothing more to say?
I've seen hallowed out faces
Who've fall'n from their graces,
So I've walked off on my way,
To find a place I can run to
A hill i can climb,
Some grass where I can lay.
Track Name: Asterisk*
Asterisk hold my place for me,
Before I look at what I see.
I'll lose before you sing your song,
And carry off too far too long

What seemed to be tears were drops of salty rain,
What seemed to be fears were heads bowed in shame.

I've tried to find my lover's mind,
Now all I've found is love is blind.
I've marked my place as once before,
And never found my open door.

What seemed to be tears...
Track Name: Portugal
I asked you nice
Now you want to go
In a parting glance
Off to Mexico

I asked you twice
Then I say to go
Find sweet romance
Down in Portugal.

Lets go!!
Track Name: Moving Nowhere
When we're nowhere, we're moving forward.
Though we're nowhere, we're almost there.
Where the blood flows and, when my mind reels.
We were nowhere but almost there.

Moving nowhere,
Moving forward.

I was outside, the night afire
With buildings burning in children's eyes.
In the orange light I felt my mind reel.
We were nowhere yet almost there.
Track Name: Changing Face
Changing basis, space into space.
Transforms weaving.
Kiss my fingers through your hair,
Sun light leaving.

Changes taking place,
Changes changing face,
Change is taking place.

Trails of doubt upon your breast,
Leave me bleeding.
Fated embrace, trivial breath,
Forms conceiving.

Why don't you change...
Track Name: Temporeal
Do you feel, do you feel the beat?
Walk along, along the axis.

Do you feel temporeal?
Do you feel temporeal?

Circle round, hyperspherical.
Can you see, see the real?

Temporar, not eternal.
Will you be, for a time?
Track Name: Ignorant Father
Home life, city life,
Country for a holiday.
Arms cross, hands fold,
Pass the bread it's to pray.

Ignorant father, christian mother,
Passionate brother, be my lover.

Cold steel, wet hands,
Consummate the Master Plan.
New floor, house repair,
Come to me you family man.

Ignorant father, christian mother,
Passionate brother, be my lover.
Track Name: Ask /Jealousy
Lying face, your disgrace,
Ask what we are talking about.

Jealousy, Jealousy
As what we are talking about.