Rorschach In Space (instrumental)

by Eleven Pond



this is the music to a sci-si short story writen by jeff gallea titled Rorschach In Space


Bleeding from holes seared through both thighs and another through his shoulder, Rorschach pulls his space helmet on and runs. Sensations of pain dimmed by the desire to flee. Rorschach searches the smoke filled hall for an escape pod as his hand drags along titanium walls scorched by defense lasers. Abandoning ship was his only option as the class-one gravity engines burn. Argon fires followed the initial blast, killing most of the crew in horrific plays of fiery death. Luck during violence always smiled on Rorschach, the blast proof command dome kept him alive as he watched his unfortunate shipmates melt before his eyes. The Chicago had obviously been sabotaged, his ship was bullet proof. Someone created this cataclysmic reaction causing engine power failure followed by nuclear gravity melt down. An aggravating thought enters, whoever killed his ship and most of his crew left in that first wave of escape pods.
The dying behemoth was now on auto-defense as the Chicago tried in vain to defend its valuable cargo. Rorschach runs into another defense grid as laser beams drill holes clean through his calf and foot. Rorschach buckles over in pain as another laser burns a hole into his helmet. He instinctively jolts his head free but not fast enough, the helmet is compromised as the beam burns into his skull. Pain is delayed, and in that eternity, Rorschach is aware that part of his brain has melted inside his skull. The protective helmet keeps the laser from making a complete pass thru, but the damage is done, Rorschach's vision goes double, his arms twitch and his bowels release. Seriously wounded and on the edge of death he shifts into panic gear. Rorschach anticipates the next series of lasers, finds an empty pod, and dives in. The auto-hatch seals and oxygen fills the pod as Rorschach feels the exhausting wave of false security wash over him. This wave is followed by an unbearable pain behind his ears. Quick self analysis reveals blood oozing from seven dime sized holes passing through his legs, feet, shoulder and forehead. Rorschach's brain has been partially microwaved. He vomits inside his helmet, suppressing the urge to pass out as stomach bile fogs his face shield. He instinctively slams the go switch. The pod moves in the wrong direction.
A second large explosion rocks the ship. Bursting radon fuel tanks send hot streams of radioactive argon scorching across the ships exterior burning off most of the pods closest to the engines. A small argon stream sears through Rorschach’s pod door window, spraying super heated liquid metals onto his head. The boiling face shield retracts, melting onto his scalp, burning off most of his hair. He screams then gasps for oxygen through the poisonous smell of burning bioplastic. Rorschach feels a prick into his neck then suddenly feels light as air. Something has been injected into his blood, the pod detected injured flesh and began auto-heeling, pumping bio-chems into his blood stream. In the heat of defeat and fading gravity he tries to remember the color of his wife’s eyes, then it all goes black. Unconscious and untethered, Rorschach floats with blood droplets in the tiny escape pod. The giant harvest ship Chicago continues to implode. His pod exterior has melting and glued itself to the mother ship. Rorschach’s body is covered in laser holes, his face mask has fused to his scalp, he is slowly dying inside a sabotaged deep space mining ship.
Orbiting the crippled ship, a small harvest ship makes scanner passes across the thousands of escape pods dotting the Chicago exterior. The hunter is searching for survivors in lifeboats, and she is hungry…


jeff gallea
derek van der matt



all rights reserved


Eleven Pond Los Angeles, California

Eleven Pond formed in 1986, released one postpunk/ synth pop/ darkwave LP titled 'Bas Relief' and recorded songs for a second LP titled 'Assemblage'. The band breaks up in 1987, the masters were shelved. In 2009 the song were rediscovered, DJ's play them, a reissue LP on Dark Entries, the original LP becomes a $900 collectable, invites to perform live... in 2010 Jeff Gallea reforms Eleven Pond ... more

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